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Are you feeling stuck? Is your life out of balance? Would you like to experience more joy, passion, productivity, and fun? In a friendly, respectful, nurturing environment, I guide clients on a journey of self-discovery where they explore what matters most. Whatever is blocking your potential - depression, anxiety, sexuality issues, or just plain stressful living - I will collaboratively engage you in treatment and recovery. Using creative strategies and practical techniques, I will help you learn to successfully navigate the ups and downs of life so you can create more balance and connection in your work, relationships, and communities.

My approach to therapy is respectful, collaborative, integrative, and experiential. By integrative I mean that I draw from a variety of theories and techniques to best serve my clients. An integral approach to healing recognizes the interdependence of body, mind, and spirit. The most critical part of this process is the psychotherapy relationship. Together we will explore your core beliefs and ways of being to see what is working for you and what you might want to change to enhance your growth and development and to live a more fulfilling life.

Do you ever have moments when everything seems just perfect? From time to time many of us experience these moments of insight, these "aha" moments, these peak experiences. Unfortunately, these perfect moments often do not translate into lasting growth or change. In a safe, nurturing environment I engage clients' mind, body, and spirit to create emotional experiences that help make these insights stick. Contemporary neuroscience research on how the brain learns confirms that learning sticks best when matched to a powerful emotional experience. The details become more vivid and rich – just like your life can be when you wake up to the present moment.